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Талант «Кровавая аура» заменен на талант «Великая власть крови». Банковской картой на сайте после оформления заказа и одобрения его.

Chat bubbles have been added to the game. Now when a player or NPC uses a /say or /yell chat command, it is displayed in the game screen by default as a chat bubble as well as in the chat log. It displays above the head of the character talking, but only if you can see the character. This functionality can be turned off should you desire. This functionality also exists for party chat, but is turned off by default. Both options are turned on or off in the "Interface" options window. The /bug and /suggest commands have been removed from the game. This functionality was mainly for beta test purposes and not intended for our live audience.

To submit bug reports, please petition a GM. To make a suggestion about the game, please use the Suggestions forum on the WorldofWarcraft. Level information is no longer available to the scripting system for dangerously high-level enemies. Improved client performance with chat filter enabled. You can no longer change armor sets while your enemies are stunned. If more than one player ties a loot roll, a random player will receive the loot. Monster tooltips now display the hostile color in an easier to read shade of red. Loot sparkles will disappear appropriately after group loot or master loot is distributed.

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An option has been added to display the time remaining on your buffs all the time. The option is found in the "Interface" options windowunder "Buff Durations. If the current round robin looter closes the loot window without looting money, other players may loot the money. Targeting with the tab key has been fixed so hitting tab will acquire creatures in a cone up to 30 yards in front of you or a circle 10 yards around you.

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It no longer only hits targets off to your left. When you are using group loot or need before greed looting systems and are looting a bind on pick up item, the "This item will bind to you" yes/no dialog box pops up after you click the "roll dice" button, but before it accepts your roll.

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You can now lock your action bar so spells cannot be dragged out of it while it is locked. This functionality can be assigned to a hotkey toggle in the keybindings UI. Trading with a player no longer closes his auction interface (you get a busy message). Added subclasses to recipes in the auction house interface (tailoring, leatherworking, etc.

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A message will be sent to group members if everyone passes on a loot item roll. An "unbind" button has been added to the key bindings page. Guild names can no longer have consecutive spaces, or start or end with a space. This prevents confusingly similar guild names such as"My Guild" and "My Guild". Added a right-click menu to the social pane for whispering and inviting players into groups. The guild interface remembers whether or not to show offline members between sessions.

If you are holding down the move forward key, and press the move backwards key, you will stop moving. Increased the quest share distance to 10 yards. The "" character will show up in general chat channels. You will get informative feedback if you try to share a quest with someone who is already on the quest or has completed it. Added UI to the addon customization screen to specify how much memory is available to the scripting system. Added the "date" and "time" functions to the UI scripting system. You will see an error message if you tell your pet to attack a target that it can't find a path to.

If you are sitting and press a turn key, you will stand up and start turning. Riding Kodos have new icons for when you are mounted. NPC chat log color changed to light yellow by default instead of gray, which was not very readable. If you have files in the Interface\FrameXML folder, they will be moved to Interface\FrameXML. After the game is patched, you will be prompted to disable addons that are out of date.

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Added IsMovable, SetMovable, IsResizable, SetResizable member functions to frames in the scripting system. Added the "pcall" and "xpcall" functions to the UI scripting system. Toc file for addons supports a new keyword: "DefaultState," which can be enabled or disabled, and specifies whether or not an addon is enabled or disabled by default when first installed.

The bridges in northern Stranglethorn Vale are now fixed so they will not dismount you when you ride across them. The names of many more points of interest have been added to various area maps. The Ashenvale, Felwood, and Azshara Crater areas are using a new graveyard system that should help to place dead characters at appropriate graveyards. Fixed several places throughout the world where monsters and profession nodes were spawning underground, floating or inside of objects.

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You can now design guild tabards in Ironforge and Thunder Bluff. Characters dying in the instanced portions of Blackfathom Deeps, Scholomance, Maraudon, Onyxia's Lair, and Ragefire Chasm will now correctly receive a corpse marker in the minimap and see the message letting them know that they need to enter the instance before they will be able to resurrect. The Argent Dawn base at the southern edge of the Western Plaguelands is now named Chillwind Camp. Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock in Eastern Plaguelands is now in a more accessible position.

Krinkle Goodsteel in Gadgetzan no longer repairs durability damage. His brother, Wrinkle Goodsteel, and his friend Blizrik Buckshot, who share a nearby shop, are still more than happy to provide their durability repair services. Reagent Vendors have been added to Feathermoon Stronghold and Camp Mojache in Feralas.

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Added a mailbox to the Darnassus Bank. Fixed framerate problem with UI modifications that use overlapping buttons. Hunter pets immediately gain training points when they level up. Creatures that are quickly respawning to repopulate an area will often wait a few seconds after they spawn before attacking players. Fixed bug where Seal Fate and Blood Frenzy were giving two combo points instead of one.

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You can no longer disenchant an item while you have the disenchant loot window open for another item, which caused you to lose the original item and its loot. Fixed bug where Primal Frenzy was giving 10 rage instead of five. Fixed bug where melee weapon abilities were causing durability damage to ranged weapons. Fixed a bug where abilities that give extra attacks, like the paladin Reckoning talent, could cause the following swing to take longer than it should. Fixed a bug where instant melee attacks were not blockable.

Fixed a bug where "On Next Swing" melee attacks (e.

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Heroic Strike)that were blocked were fully blocked instead of having their damage reduced by the block amount. Fixed a bug where off-hand attacks were being skipped when using "On Next Swing" melee attacks. Fixed a bug where Ammo Pouch and Quiver bonuses were stacking together.

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Now only the better bonus should be considered. Fixed a bug where Quivers and Ammo Pouches were granting a larger haste bonus than intended in some cases. Items like the Eye of the Beast will correctly increase your spell critical hit chances. Players will no longer become stuck behind a structure in the Ruins of Eldarath, Azshara. Players will no longer become stuck near the entrance to an ogre mound in the Mo'Grosh Stronghold in Loch Modan.

Players will no longer become stuck in a steep location in Forest Song, Ashenvale.

Players will no longer fall through the ground in a cave location in Duskwood. Players will no longer fall through the ground at the Cauldron area of the Searing Gorge.