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BETA 15 иначе разгон не работает. But bulk mining-specific SKUs (and in the case of NVIDIA, GPUs) appear at odds with mining improvements for consumer cards, with the release mining. Want to increase the hash rate of your AMD graphics card to mine Zcash, Ethereum or Monero on a Windows 10 PC? I did not try to update driver, maybe another possibility to try.

Only time it has been bad for me was when I had game issues from out of date drivers. Generally everything haha, always seems to be some issue I gotta research in a tech forum to see how I can fix things back to normal. When it was just gaming related only big issue was the constant AMD HDMI audio drivers bugging every other release, but that was probably Windows fault. Now that I mine too and have a hashrate to let me know what's up the issues seem to grow. The driver apparently nuked Afterburner from working anymore and I didn't feel like sticking around to try and fix it/set up wattman.

I'm back to old drivers for now.

Amd mining drivers

I'm back to old drivers for now. Not working with Trixx or MSI Afterburner. Not worth it at this point.

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I couldn't software OC so my MH/s was down 3MH/s. I've seen the same thing.

AMD драйвера для майнинга

Trixx/MSI Afterburner tools don't work, although WATTMAN works fine. I'll be running a 24 hour test on one of my spare rigs before rolling out the update to the others. This driver would not work with my rx470's. To get windows to recognize my cards. Really messed up my mojo something viscous like. I'm guessing you bios modded your cards. All of the re-live drivers look for a stock bios signature. So if you want to use new drivers you have to use this patch after installing them.

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This may be why one of my rx470's runs at 21 mh/s and the other at 24 mh/s. I bought the faster one off ebay USED. Id like to get the other one at 24 mh/s too.

Maybe ill look into modding thew BIOS. Painfully slow installation compared with the older amd drivers. Afterburner no longer works with it. Claymore no long has temp and fan info but hashes fine. Installed the driver and there were some issues I saw straight away. Mouse cursor stuttering when I had Radeon Wattman open. Temp and Fan speed were not detected by Claymore's ETH Miner. Fan speed would ramp up due to sudden spikes in temperature = Super loud fans.

Hashrate was fluctuating between 26-24Mh/s quite often for my liking.

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Unpaid balance was increasing at a slower rate than compared to the previousn installed drivcer. It is great for gaming due to wider control on video settings and GPU clocks but mining is a disaster. And no it does not fix the hashrate issue on polaris cards. Some people are disappointed with this new driver, I think it's good for gamers not for miners. But I'm not sure, lets wait for the others if they have positive reviews. No change for me with 470, and 580 cards (all modded).

Claymore doesn't show gpu temps and fan speeds anymore though. Here's something else: Voltage adjustments don't work anymore, not even through the radeon tool itself. My rigs pull 1100 watts from the wall, instead of 810 watts. So I'd recommend to wait for some updated drivers. These aren't for mining. I can't OC one of my cards at all with wattman (i use afterburner normally) I dropped about 4mhs with the update and they took out the option to crossfire. I was really thinking about trying to game on this rig lol.

Rx480s) Anyone have a link to the previous driver? I also noticed wattman resets my overclock now. It has been running for weeks with 1240mhz@core and. Sorry for slow reply. I just copied the 1750 timings into 2000. Had 1240mhz on core @950mv and memory clocked to 2135mhz which was highest i could without lots of errors (produced maybe 1-3 errors every other minute). Mh/s on ETH and about 880mh/s mining DCR. That was before the drop in hashrate and blockchain driver. We appreciate all new Redditors on and want to ensure you have the best resources available to you. Since your account is fairly new, we'd like to remind you about our subreddit's.

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Thank you all for your review. I hope someone can help/brighten us up regarding this new driver. Like others have said, hashrate is about the same as 17. For me, and Claymore doesn't report temp or fan info anymore. Also although MSI Afterburner doesn't seem to work, it does still allow for fan control, or at least my old preference is still in place (as the card's temp remains where it used to). MH/s on a stock MSI Gaming X RX480 8GB card. On my windows 10 with Radeon R9 fury. Mining ETH and Sia coins. And my hashrate went back up.

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Claymore miner does not report fan temp or speed. Hash rates stayed the same. XFX GTR BLACK 480 Flashed to 580, custom miner bios. Can you tell us what was your hashrate before you install the new driver and your hashrate after you install the driver. Before installing it, dropping with every new epoch. I have downloaded the update and will patch later. You're the first person I've seen that claims their hashrate was improved with this driver. It could be that everyone else has no control over their settings with the new driver so they aren't able to set their optimal memory clocks.

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AMD выпустила драйвера для ускорения майнинга (и на этом закрыла тему)

Today i show you How to install the new AMD Mining Drivers for our mining rigs. These mining drivers increase our mining hashrates for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic at about 10-15%! Today i show you the release of the AMD Mining Drivers, fixing the Ethereum Dag problem that decreased the Mining Hashrates over time for Graphics cards like the RX470/480/570/580 cards! Mining without and with AMD's Beta Blockchain driver to show you what it does.

Also a guide to install it the right way!

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